Services for Individuals

Tax advice including self assessment and tax returns from the specialist at RHK.

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Self Assessment

Self Assessment can be time consuming and often confusing for individuals.

We aim to spare you all the headaches and free up your valuable time by offering a comprehensive Individual Self Assessment service which includes everything from calculating your tax liability, liaising with banks and other financial institutions, to completing and filing your Return with HM Revenue & Customs.

Tax Returns

We prepare the following Self Assessment Tax Returns for:

  • Individuals;
  • Trusts and Estates (including Pensions);
  • Partnerships; and
  • Non-Resident Landlords.

We also prepare forms R40 Repayment claims for individuals.

The supporting services that we provide in the preparation of Self Assessment Tax Returns are as follows:

  • Calculating your Income Tax liability/repayment;
  • Calculating Capital Gains Tax liabilities;
  • Calculating Sole Trade and Rental Profits;
  • Review your payments on account due, to ensure no overpayments are made;
  • Dealing with HM Revenue & Customs correspondence, telephone calls and meetings with regard to your taxation affairs;
  • Preparation of rental accounts both UK and overseas for inclusion within your Tax Return;
  • Fee Protection Insurance to cover fees from enquiries raised into your Tax Returns; and
  • Pre tax return year end review to ensure all reliefs are utilised.

If we can provide any assistance to you in the areas mentioned above, please contact a member of our Tax Team.

Tax Enquiries

Our experience with HM Revenue and Customs enables us to assist our clients in dealing with enquiries into their tax affairs. We endeavour to have enquiries closed at the earliest possible juncture whilst at the same time ensuring the best result.

We deal with all enquires to include:

  • Enquiries under section 9a TMA 1970 both aspect and full enquiries;
  • Advising and assisting with COP8 and COP9 enquiry notices.

We can also deal with compliance visits on your behalf and, if required, we can carry out a pre-audit review of your procedures to identify any weaknesses and determine how best to deal with those issues before the visit.

Following the conclusion of a difficult enquiry a Tax Inspector confirmed our excellent reputation by saying:

"the report was fantastic and impressive and we wish all responses were provided in that comprehensive format which provides confidence that a thorough review has been undertaken of the clients affairs for those tax years in question"

Tax Planning

RHK can provide professional tax advice and support to assist individuals to optimise their tax position and to ensure that they meet the necessary compliance requirements.

We pride ourselves as Tax Specialists, and provide year round tax advice on the following:

  • Income and Employment Taxes;
  • Inheritance and Capital Gains Taxes;
  • Trust and Estate Taxes;
  • Stamp duty & VAT;
  • Domicile & Residency Issues;
  • Remuneration Strategies;
  • Retirement Planning; and
  • Maximising Tax Reliefs.

To find out how we can be of assistance and review the potential tax saving that could be achieved, please contact either our Tax Director Karen Whiting or our Tax Partner Bradley Thomas.